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Hello. I’m G. Gordon Farley, the first name in Farley Swit.

Most judges on the state and local levels are elected, but judges on the federal level are appointed.

When there is a vacancy on the federal level, from Circuit Courts to the Supreme Court, due to retirement or death, the President considers people who are available and qualified to do the job. From these people the President selects one to nominate for the position.

It is then the Senate’s job to consider the nominee, and vote to confirm or reject the nominee for the position.

In the case of the current Senate, however, they consider not doing their jobs as their jobs.

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Hello. I'm G. Gordon Farley, the first name in Farley Swit.

Are you a super rich capitalist who wants to funnel money to politicians without the stigma of being an oligarch?

We can help you set up a Super-PAC with a fancy name that sounds like you are not really wanting to repeal consumer laws, environmental regulations, or pretty much any other progress society has made to protect the rights of mere common people.

You can, then, direct huge donations to candidates who are willing to usurp their sworn duties in favor of promoting your special interests!

These donations do not guarantee success, especially in districts and states with educated people.

Make today the day you rise above having only one vote in elections!

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